WKT4162 Battery Storage Organizer With Tester Storage Rack Holds 82 D/C/AA/AAA

$ 16.99
Battery Storage Organizer Rack Holder 82-Slots For D/C/AA/AAA w/Removable Tester. Mount this convenient 82+ battery organizer to a wall, or slide it in a drawer. Includes a rotating button battery drawer specially designed to swivel with gravity to accommodate storage. Fitted slots for all common sizes: Six D batteries, Eight C batteries,Thirty-nine AA, Twenty-five AAA batteries, Four 9 Volt batteries and up to five button batteries depending on style. Dimensions of the product are 11.5 in. Length x 6 in. Width x 1.5 in. Height.
  • Organizes batteries so you never have to hunt for them again.
  • Removable battery tester also included.
  • Over 25% more storage than before!