LED Bulb Fits Whirlpool 8206232A | Dimmable 4 Watt Daylight White 6000K | 2 Pack

by Kakanuo
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SKU E173.8-4.06000K
Dimensions are 2.05 in tall by .68 inches in width. Kakanuo E17 led bulb is designed to be used under the microwave to light the stove/counter (get some decent lighting while cooking) and any other appliance type sockets that are E-17 connector type or E17 intermediate base. Since this microwave bulb is dimmable, it will work well on both lower and higher settings on Microwave without flickers. This is due to a LED compatible dimmer. Please note the E17 LED bulb is powered by AC 110-130V circuit. This E17 microwave bulb fits the halogen socket as a perfect replacement that produces less heat and an equivalent amount of light. Notes: 1.Since most applications use old dimmer which doesn't work well for LED bulbs, this E17 LED bulb may flicker at maximum dimming/ lower-setting. 2.The oven light bulb may keep glowing slightly even when you turn off power because a small amount of electricity still run through traditional dimmer or switch which you never notice but LEDs are sensitive to it. This is a common phenomenon and does not affect using.
  • Mercury-Free, Lead-Free, easy to be Recycled.
  • Lower Consumption and Higher Brightness. Using 4 watts for up to 400 lumens of brightness, equivalent to a 40W halogen bulb and/or incandescent bulbs. Save 90% on electricity bill of lighting.
  • All E17 bases from Kakanuo have been tested before shipping.
If the base the same it will work. Can be used on many different brands. Send us a picture of the bulb or part number you need or have and we can match up for you.