Supplying Demand WD35X21041 Dishwasher Lower Roller Kit WD12X10136 WD12X10277

$ 9.55
This is the new style kit now comes with (8) WD12X10136 lower rack wheels & (8) WD12X10277 clips. Total qnty in this kit is 16 total items. Fits many models including GDWT106V00BB, GDWT106V00BB, GDWT106V00BB, GDWT106V00WW, GDWT106V00WW, GDWT106V00WW, GDWT106V00WW, GDWT106V00WW, GDWT106V50BB, GDWT106V50BB, GDWT106V50WW, GDWT106V50WW, GDWT106V55BB, GDWT106V55WW, GDWT160R00SS, GDWT160R05SS, GDWT160R05SS, GDWT160R10SS, GDWT160R30SS, GDWT166V00SS, GDWT166V00SS, GDWT166V00SS, GDWT166V00SS, GDWT166V00SS, GDWT166V00SS, GDWT166V50SS, GDWT166V55SS, GDWT200R10BB, GDWT200R10BB, GDWT200R10WW, GDWT200R10WW, GDWT200R30BB, GDWT200R30BB, GDWT200R30WW, GDWT200R30WW, GDWT260R10SS, GDWT260R10SS, GDWT260R30SS, GDWT260R30SS, GDWT300R10BB, GDWT300R10WW, GDWT300R30BB, GDWT300R30BB, GDWT300R30WW, GDWT300R30WW, GDWT308V00BB, GDWT308V00BB, GDWT308V00BB, GDWT308V00BB, GDWT308V00BB, GDWT308V00WW, GDWT308V00WW, GDWT308V00WW, GDWT308V00WW, GDWT308V00WW, GDWT308V50BB, GDWT308V50WW, GDWT358V00ES, GDWT358V00ES, GDWT358V50ES, GDWT360R10SS, GDWT360R30SS, and many, many more

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