Supplying Demand WB13K10014 5 Pack Of Top Electrode Fits GE Fits Hotpoint

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This is a Supplying Demand 5 pack of top electrodes. Fits GE, fits Hotpoint, and fits Kenmore brands. Used on top of stove next to burners for ignition purposes of lighting the gas. Some call these sparks or spark switches. They are small white parts that have a metal top and an electrical plug at the bottom. Sold as a pack of 5 to replace all electrodes at once or to use as backups if any fail in the future. Measuring 1 inch tall by a half an inch in diameter. Fits these following models: C2S980SEM1SS, C2S980SEM1SS, C2S980SEM1SS, C2S980SEM1SS, C2S980SEM2SS, C2S980SEM2SS, C2S980SEM3SS, C2S980SEM4SS, C2S980SEM5SS, C2S980SEM5SS, C2S980SEM6SS, C2S985SET1SS, C2S985SET1SS, C2S985SET1SS, C2S985SET1SS, C2S985SET1SS, C2S985SET2SS, C2S985SET2SS, C2S985SET2SS, C2S985SET2SS, CGP350SET1SS, CGP350SET1SS, CGP350SET1SS, CGP350SET2SS, CGP350SET2SS, CGP350SET3SS, CGP350SET4SS, CGP350SET4SS, CGP350SET4SS, CGP650SET1SS, CGP650SET1SS, CGP650SET1SS, CGP650SET2SS, CGP650SET2SS, CGP650SET3SS, CGP650SET3SS, CGP650SET4SS, CGP650SET4SS, CGS980SEM1SS, CGS980SEM1SS, CGS980SEM1SS, CGS980SEM1SS, CGS980SEM1SS, CGS980SEM2SS, CGS980SEM2SS, and many more. Contact the seller for more matches.
* 5 Pack of WB13K10014
* Compatible fits for the following brands: GE, Hotpoint, Kenmore
* Used on gas cooktops

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