ER9704230 Blender Motor Coupling works with KitchenAid WP9704230, 3 Pack

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Blender Motor Coupling. Pack of 3. Coupling is reverse threaded. Turn it clockwise to unscrew from motor shaft. Turn it counter-clockwise when screwing back onto shaft. Compatible with the following models: 4KSB5BK4 4KSB5BU4 4KSB5CR4 4KSB5ER4 4KSB5GN4 4KSB5MC4 4KSB5MY4 4KSB5OB4 4KSB5PK4 4KSB5SSOB 4KSB5TG4 4KSB5WH4 4KSB5WW4 5KSB52-4 5KSB52AAC4 5KSB52ABU4 5KSB52ACR4 5KSB52AER4 5KSB52AGR4 5KSB52AMC4 5KSB52AMY4 5KSB52ANK4 5KSB52AOB4 5KSB52APK4 5KSB52ATG4 5KSB52AWH4 5KSB52BAC4 5KSB52BAC5 5KSB52BBU4 5KSB52BBU5 5KSB52BER4 5KSB52BER5 5KSB52BGR4 5KSB52BGR5 5KSB52BMY4 5KSB52BMY5 5KSB52BNK4 5KSB52BNK5 5KSB52BOB4 5KSB52BWH4 5KSB52EAC4 KSB33 KSB3-3 KSB3-4 KSB5 KSB5(DUP) KSB53 KSB5-3 KSB5-4 KSB5AC4 KSB5BK4 KSB5BU4 KSB5CP4 KSB5CR4 KSB5ER4 KSB5GN4 KSB5GR4 KSB5MC4 KSB5MY4 KSB5NK4 KSB5OB4 KSB5PK4 KSB5TG4 KSB5WW4
  • Blender Motor Coupling
  • Coupling is reverse threaded
  • Compatible with KitchenAid and Whirlpool