3392519 Genuine OEM Clothes Dryer Thermal Fuse

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SKU 3392519
Genuine OEM 3392519 Clothes Dryer Thermal Fuse. This is a popular thermal fuse used by many different brands on many different makes and models. Typically located near the exhaust, this fuse protects the dryer from overheating and potentially from causing a vent fire. Possible causes can be: Faulty fuse, faulty cycling thermostat, grounded heater element, faulty thermostat, faulty timer, clogged vent or restriction in the airflow, etc. This fuse typically pops because of an excessive buildup of heat. Simply replacing it will probably only last a few cycles, if that. This is a safety fuse. You will need to check all other variables before replacing this fuse. Clogged or restricted vents are the number one cause of blown thermal fuses.
2986, 3388651, 694511, 80005, AH345113, AP3132867, EA345113, ET401, PS345113