285976 For Whirlpool Washing Machine Drum Baffle Set

$ 41.51
SKU 285976
Genuine Frontload Washer Baffle Set. Part Number 285976. Three baffles per set. Single Baffle is 8182233. Screw is not included, as these snap into place. However, if you wish to remove the inner drum from the outer drum and screw these in, you would need screw part number 7101P346-60.
7MGHW9100MW0, GHW9100LQ0, GHW9100LQ1, GHW9100LQ2, GHW9100LW0, GHW9100LW1, GHW9100LW2, GHW9200LQ0, GHW9200LW0, GHW9250ML0, GHW9250ML1, GHW9250ML2, GHW9250MQ0, GHW9250MQ1, GHW9250MQ2, GHW9250MT0, GHW9250MT1, GHW9250MT2, GHW9250MW0, GHW9250MW1, GHW9250MW2, KHWS01PMT1, KHWS01PMT2
8182225, 8181669