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For the fastest and easiest way to secure your model number take a PICTURE with your SMARTPHONE and use that for reference, email, messaging, etc.

It's so exhausting sometimes bending over and/or getting into a tight space only to find a model number 12 digits long and in the dark.

This information can be complex so having it saved as a picture is going to be easy on you and the customer service support.

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Why Is Your Model # So Important?

Your model number is the exact identifier of your appliance. It's the DNA of the appliance. It identifies what type of appliance it is, what year it is, what make it is, and what specifics it has.

Let's go down further on the WHY?

We'll use a basic example of a Dryer. Since the 60's there have been anywhere from 2 to 20 different models of dryers made and manufacturered each year. That means up to today that's anywhere between 114 to 1,140 different dryers on the market. Inside each of these models are sometimes big differences and sometimes little differences. However it's usually due to operational value, color, or add ons.

An example would be you need a Dryer Heating Element. There are about 20 different elements on the market, but which one is yours. In some cases you can find it through a picture, but most the time you need that MODEL NUMBER or PART NUMBER to be for sure that it will fit.

What A Model Sticker Looks Like

A model number tag looks a little different on every appliance, but there's a distinct look that they have and information is basic such as model, serial, & info on one tag.

This is an example of a Samsung Refrigerator model number. 

Model tags will in most cases be in accessible areas. However there are many appliance types and some brands that hide these tags. If it doesn't state Model and/or MOD then it's not the correct sticker.

Whirlpool Oven Example

Whirlpool Dishwasher Example

Frigidaire Dryer Example

What if I don't have a model number?

In some instances the model sticker or tag may have been removed from the appliance or is in suchbad shape you can't read any of the numbers off of it.

The best thing then is the part itself. In some cases the part number is present directly on the part. However in many cases this just may be a manufacturer number that doesn't directly identify the part through the brand. 

If you can get the part out. Take a quick picture of it and then send it in with say your BRAND (example: Whirlpool) and APPLIANCE TYPE (example: Dryer) most likely we can find a match.

What if my model is not coming up in the search bar?

We are adding model numbers by the thousands every day. However your model may not be in our system yet. That does not mean we don't have it. In fact it's the opposite as we carry every OEM part that is made. But due to the extensive amount of parts and models it's a work in progress. So if you can't find your model number in our search or it doesn't come up then contact us and we'll make sure to get you the correct part for your model.

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