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How many DIYers does it take to change a microwave light bulb?

Thankfully, we've made this an easy one for you.  With a quick 3 minute step-by-step video to show you how to replace a microwave light bulb, you will find no reason to procrastinate changing the little under the microwave light. Read More...

Save $100 a year by replacing your refrigerator water filter with an inline universal water filter

No matter what major brand of refrigerator you have (Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, GE, Frigidaire, etc.) you can replace the factory filter that comes with your appliance with a universal inline water filter. Read More...

If you think repairing a Samsung ice maker is complicated, think again!

If any of the pieces of your Samsung ice maker ( the ice bucketthe motor head, or the ice mold) are broken, then they can be replaced with nothing but a screwdriver.  Read More...


Did you know that by simply cleaning your dishwasher properly on a regular basis you can greatly extend the life of your dishwasher AND save hundreds of dollars on repairs?! Read More...

How To Clean Your Dryer Vent Step-By-Step Video

Check out our highly informative post on Dryer Venting 101 which goes into great detail about the proper vent ducts to install, and illustrations and photos of how a dryer vent system works.

Need more about the proper steps to cleaning? Click here!

GUNK build up.  

It's a common problem in your appliances that can dramatically shorten the life of them or cause a number of other problems that in turn cost lots of money in repair work.  

GE Washer and Dryer Knobs - An Unfortunate Break

You turn the knob to a cycle, temperature, load setting...but it seems to only stay the same.

Lint happens. Yes, even if you clean the lint screen filter every time. Lint still gets through and builds up.

The Money Saving AC Leak Freeze

AC Leak Freeze

How To Save Time And Hassle With AC Leak Freeze Kits

Finding a leak is like finding a crack in an inground pool liner. It's almost impossible. But with AC Leak Freeze it is at least feasible to cover your options.

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