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Murfreesboro, TN

Started From The 'Boro

Pandora's OEM Appliance Parts was founded by Service Professionals with a combined 30+ years of experience. With that knowledge, they began to offer the DIY Customers and Service Professionals affordable appliance repair parts for all major appliances of all brands. Since then, Pandora’s OEM has expanded its inventory to include more appliance and HVAC parts, more tools, and has reached out to more distributors to provide its customers with...for the lack of a better word...more.

Pandora’s OEM is working everyday to add more value for their customers. Whether it’s adding new services, features, or negotiating lower costs for products, Pandora's OEM is working to give its customers a better price and a better experience.

All of our employees are local residents from or near Murfreesboro, TN. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer offering Full-Time Positions with Health Benefits, Paid Vacations, and Paid Holidays. As Pandora's OEM grows, so will the benefits for our employees. By supporting Pandora's OEM, you support small businesses, local businesses, and American jobs.

All Employees

Pushing The Envelope

We continue to grow, adapt, and add new services to our business. We will soon offer more services to our customers. We will expand our catalog and offer multiple international shipping options for our entire product line. We listen to our customers and we use every piece of feedback as another building block for our company. Thank you for your support.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

We were proud to be a part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Pandora's OEM donated $100 and allowed the employees to drench one of their own in VERY COLD ice water.

Make the Switch! - Pandora's OEM jingle

A fun video showing some of our products and a gifted employee.