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How to Save $100's With AFFRESH

Clean it with AFFRESH so that it lasts longer! The average cost of a new washer or dishwasher is well above $400 to $500. The life span of these units if cleaned regularly are twice as long. Grab these Affresh cleaners below with a 40% off DISCOUNT and start saving money by getting the most out of your appliances.

Affresh Washer Cleaner

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Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner

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SAVE $1000's with the right tools

We're only as good as our tools, right?! So cash in with AC Leak Freeze and save your unit, business, or customer some money. This stuff is MAGIC! Now you can't fix it without a good diagnosis and you can't diagnose unless you got an awesome voltage meter! Start fixing it the first time! Get 30% off all Voltage meters today!

AC Leak Freeze

A/C Leak Freeze - The BEST HVAC-R Leak Sealer

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Voltage Meters

MIlwaukee Voltage Meter & Clamp

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Milwaukee Deals & Rebates

Our Monthly MIlwaukee Deals & Rebates

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Genuine OEM 279838

Genuine OEM Whirlpool Dryer Element 279838

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