Learn Why the Milwaukee Wet Dry Vacuum is the BEST DEAL & See How it Works!

The Milwaukee Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum is the BEST deal and comes with a 5 year warranty

Yep, you read that right... a 5 year warranty.

But that's not the only reason the Milwaukee Wet Dry Vac is a great buy.  In a time when appliances are made to fall apart within a few years or less, Milwaukee Tools continues to create the highest quality tools that are professional grade, but can also be used for home use.

If they didn't stand by their products, they wouldn't have such a great warranty!  Plus at a price under $100, you aren't breaking the bank to purchase the Milwaukee Wet Dry Vac .

Not to mention we also carry the replacement parts and additional accessories for this shop vac if ever needed.

But let's talk about all the bells and whistles of this wet dry shop vac, shall we?

  • It has a vacuum function on one side and a blower function on the other side so you can blow debris away if you are using it in a workshop, garage, or job site.
  • It comes with an extension hose, a crevice tool, and a wide nozzel for multi-purpose cleanup.
  • The HEPA filter for Milwaukee Wet Dry Vacuum (included with the vacuum) is washable for easy transition between wet and dry uses.  You can also order an extra HEPA filter if you want to have one for wet and one for dry use so you don't have to rinse in between.
  • It's a cordless shop vac (battery and charger sold separately)
  • It's great for cleaning out your car, garage, workshops, and job sites, and any heavy duty messes around the house
  • Check out our video below to see how it works and what it looks like in action  

The Milwaukee Cordless Wet Dry Vac Video | See How it Works! 

Compatible Batteries and Charger Station for the Milwaukee Wet Dry Vac

As we said above, the battery and charger are sold separately, but the great thing about Milwaukee Tools is that the battery is interchangable on many of their other products!  

The Milwaukee Wet Dry Vacuum picks up industrial dust, and heavy duty messes!
The Milwaukee Wet Dry Vacuum cleans up wet floors in the home, garage, office, and job sites!

Grab one of these awesome wet dry vacuums today!


Jake Osborne

The Milwaukee Wet Dry Vacuum has a 5 year warranty and is great for cleaning garages, homes, and job sites!
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