How to Save $1000's In Evaporator Leak Repairs With A/C Leak Freeze!

How to Save $1000's In Evaporator Leak Repairs With A/C Leak Freeze!

How to Save $1000's In Evaporator Leak Repairs With A/C Leak Freeze!

Repairing a coil in an air conditioner or refrigeration system can cost between  $800 to $4,000 in today's market. 

Replacing an entire unit (condensing, evaporating, or package units) can cost between  $5,000 to $15,000....GULP!

What if I told you there was a product that could seal a leak in your coils for less than $60?  Yes, you heard that right.  No replacing the coils or the entire unit.

A/C Leak Freeze is an ingenious product created by Rectorseal that can repair small, hard-to-find leaks in your refrigerater or HVAC unit. 

What is A/C Leak Freeze?

A/C Leak Freeze is a polymer-free formula that seals air conditioning and refrigeration leaks and does not react with moisture. Most competitive products have polymers and work by reacting with moisture.

  A/C Leak Freeze repairs refrigerant leaks of up to one to three pounds over an entire cooling season. 


#1.  It doesn't burn your skin or eyes and can easily be wiped off.  It's 100% safe for employees to use.

#2 .   A/C Leak Freeze is not activated by oxygen, which means if you don't use it all, you can save it and use on the next job, saving you money on product.

#3.  It's non toxic and eco friendly, in that it's not harmful to breathe in and is safe for you and your customers and their family.

#4.   Saves money for your customers because they don't have to replace coils or units, and is affordable product for you to purchase, keeping overhead costs low.

#5.    It's compact and easy to store on your service vehicle.

Here is a link for any questions you may have about AC Leak Freeze:   FAQ's for AC Leak Freeze.

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How to save 1000s in evaporator leak repair for an hvac unit!

Check out our video for a/c leak freeze

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