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How To Save Time & Hassle With AC Leak Freeze Kits

WHY can't i find this leak?!

Repairs can be frustrating, grinding, and pulps of tears. Don't let that happen to you! Finding a leak is like finding a crack in an inground pool liner. It's almost impossible. But with AC Leak Freeze it is at least feasible to cover your options. Take the guess work out of CAN IT CAN BE FIXED? And know for a fact if it can or can't.

AC Leak Freeze Family Shot

With AC Leak Freeze You Get This:

  • Opportunity to fix it cheap and not spend hours on trying something else
  • Knowing (taking the guess work out) if it is a big or little issue
  • Not replacing a unit just because you can't find the leak

We use to tell our clients and customers that the only option was to replace the unit. Now with this product we can either fix it for cheap or at least have a definitive answer on if it can be fixed. This saves us time and frustration on both ends of the call.

by Joseph Mancini

Get Pandora Tech Packs

We have put together a PANDORA TECH PACK with these AC Leak Freeze Kits. These come with the cartridge, adapter, and caulk gun. Ready to install or put on the truck!

Tech Pack

Now Sold as Pandora Tech Packs! Our new packs will help you get the job done FAST!

Pandora Tech Pack 45322

Equipped with a caulk gun it is ready to be applied to a high pressure system.

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Or to learn more about this amazing product check out our feature page on AC Leak Freeze and why it is the best leak sealant on the market. Also check out our other AC Leak Freeze Videos and see why others are saying it's a game changer in the industry.

How to Save $1000's In Evaporator Leak Repairs With A/C Leak Freeze!

How to Save $1000's In Evaporator Leak Repairs With A/C Leak Freeze!

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Repairing a coil in an air conditioner or refrigeration system can cost between  $800 to $4,000 in today's market. 

Replacing an entire unit (condensing, evaporating, or package units) can cost between  $5,000 to $15,000....GULP!

What if I told you there was a product that could seal a leak in your coils for less than $60?  Yes, you heard that right.  No replacing the coils or the entire unit.

A/C Leak Freeze is an ingenious product created by Rectorseal that can repair small, hard-to-find leaks in your refrigerater or HVAC unit. 

What is A/C Leak Freeze?

A/C Leak Freeze is a polymer-free formula that seals air conditioning and refrigeration leaks and does not react with moisture. Most competitive products have polymers and work by reacting with moisture.

  A/C Leak Freeze repairs refrigerant leaks of up to one to three pounds over an entire cooling season. 


#1.  It doesn't burn your skin or eyes and can easily be wiped off.  It's 100% safe for employees to use.

#2 .   A/C Leak Freeze is not activated by oxygen, which means if you don't use it all, you can save it and use on the next job, saving you money on product.

#3.  It's non toxic and eco friendly, in that it's not harmful to breathe in and is safe for you and your customers and their family.

#4.   Saves money for your customers because they don't have to replace coils or units, and is affordable product for you to purchase, keeping overhead costs low.

#5.    It's compact and easy to store on your service vehicle.

Here is a link for any questions you may have about AC Leak Freeze:   FAQ's for AC Leak Freeze.

Summer 2017 discount for a/c leak freeze

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Check out our video for a/c leak freeze