Can I Fix it Myself? - An Answer From The Service Company

Can I Fix it Myself? - An Answer From The Service Company

Recently I asked a service company to give me some insight and how they feel about others fixing their own appliances. They were 50/50 on it depending upon what they had to endure. I asked what that meant and they stated, "the clean up." They were referring to cleaning up messes left by repairs gone wrong. Other than that they in fact were more than happy to offer the customer the part off their truck.

So I asked them this question, "Can I fix it myself?" and they replied with a good answer and I thought I'd share it.

Yes. We are people, just like you. So, it is possible for you to fix it. And, if done correctly and safely, you and your appliance may live to see another day. However, we are professionals. The flip side to that question is — No.

A lot of the time companies go out on a Service Calls and meet people who have attempted to fix what they thought was wrong. So, they’ve spent a couple of hours or more diagnosing and disassembling the appliance, then they’ve paid for the part, and then installed the part and reassembled the machine to find out it’s not the problem. I’ve seen this scenario many times.

“Well, if my dryer isn’t drying, isn’t it the element?” Maybe, but there are SEVERAL other components less expensive than the element that might be the cause.

“My washer makes a noise. I think it’s the belt.” Could be, but most of the time, it’s not.

The point is: Service can save you money. By letting a service company repair your appliance, they are liable for your appliance. Technicians are trained to repair other possible problems that you might overlook. They don’t just fix the problem, they repair and restore your appliance.

That was the end of the explanation and it was a good one. But let's be honest some of us want to just tackle our own problems, but due it safely. I asked again what the best thing to do when others fix their own appliance and David @ The Service Company said, "Unplug the machine, watch a video if there available online through youtube and then make sure to get your model #. From there you can go down to any parts store or online to an ecommerce site such as Pandora's OEM and buy the item you need."

Therefore the answer is YES, YES, YES. And the answer for some is NO, NO, NO. As the service company told me it really depends upon the person who is doing the repair.

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